The West, and all its grandeur is that spiritual, reverent place that feeds the soul and inspires the heart like no other. The Wide Open West is open wide to possibility. The majesty of the West ignites the imagination because it’s where blue-sky thinking runs free and dreams rehearse for reality. It’s where high-altitude air enters the lungs and exits as clear thinking. Perspective is gained and priorities are reset. It’s where wonder and wanderlust were born. In short, it’s where you lose yourself to find yourself. Robert Redford once said, “Some people have therapy. I have Utah.” Simply put, the West is good medicine for the human who chooses to revel in it, be fulfilled by it, and just plain feel alive in it. There are countless ways to get the West in your blood and be better off for it.

Western Therapy is a celebration of that. These paintings are a celebration of that.