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Feature 1


Title: 68"

12 X 16, Oil on Board



I found a beautifully faded 1968 Ford hiding in a barn in Midway, Utah one morning and ever since shooting it that image had been parked in my mind. As the small works show approached, I knew it would make a successful small painting.

Feature 2

I was about half way through painting this small, big barn when a friend stopped by my studio. She looked at it and without missing a beat asked, "Is that Sophie's barn?" I said, "I don't know Sophie", but continued to tell her the location of the barn in Midway, Utah. Upon hearing where the barn is located she said, "Yup, that's Sophie's barn." Without missing a beat I said, "Well, I think the title of this painting should be Sophie's Barn."




10.5 x 14.5, Oil on Board