Title: WEST END 26 X 40, Oil on Board SOLD


26 X 40, Oil on Board


West End is the first in a new series of nocturnal paintings that will celebrate the beauty of the relationship light has against a Western night. When the sun surrenders to the wattage of night, the mundane of day is transformed into anything but. With a focus on small structures, some being iconic, some charming in their proportions, but all having a Western soul. With several of them being along the original Route 66 in New Mexico and Arizona, a spectrum of night time skies ranging from dusk to twilight will be central in this body of works. An illuminated structure creates intrigue and curiosity into another world, is welcoming to the soul and offers a feeling of relief within the vastness of night. As a painting challenge, the persistent observation of darkness interrupted by light has been a study of beautifully inspiring possibilities. 

I look forward to immersing myself in this series, understanding it's language intimately, and ultimately sharing it with you.